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Vinny Da Vinci is one of the most important figures on the South African dance music scene and has galvanized deep club culture in his various capacities.

A partner in the House Afrika empire, Vinny has overseen many top-selling compilations, including the ‘House Afrika: Deep House Sounds’ and ‘Africanism’ series, all of which he compiled and mixed; as a producer he’s broken ground with the DJs At Work project alongside DJ Christos; as a DJ he’s been on the leading edge of the deep underground house scene for two decades; and as a promoter he co-owned of one of South Africa’s seminal nightspots, Club Carnalita.

Vinny started out spinning in the early 90s at clubslike Cherry’s, Club Gemini and The Arena in Hillbrow during a period of radical political and musical change – and Vinny was at the forefront of this rocking revolution.

In Jo’burg, Vinny formed DJs At Work with Christos in 1998 – their intention: “to change the face of music in South Africa.” This they’ve achieved with the release of five critically acclaimed, platinum-selling studio albums and a slew of top-notch deejay mixes. Vinny also became one of the partners in House Afrika Records in 1996, contributing to their first landmark CD collection, ‘Fresh House Flavas Volume 1’, mixed by DJ Fresh.

Two decades on, Vinny continues to specialize in his patented deep house style, continually breaking new music and educating his audience. He’s deejayed with the biggest visitors to our shores, including Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Dennis Ferrer, Charles Webster, Kenny Dope, Franck Roger, Jazzy Jeff, Jef K… The list is endless.

Vinny’s skills have been recognized internationally entities as well, and he’s played at both Pacha in Ibiza, and the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Vinny’s music taste is wide, but he’s renowned and revered for spinning a brand of smooth, easy and individual house that’s simply fathoms deeper than everyone else.


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