Drex Rampage In Da Mix – The Jet Cruising Altitude Session 21

Drex Rampage In Da Mix – The Jet Cruising Altitude Session 21

Saturday, 20 May 2017
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The HouseMusic Jet Presents The Jet Cruising Altitude Session 21 with Drex Rampage In Da Mix. As always, we are proud to present you with what we would like to describe as high quality, scintillating music sensations. This time around Drex Rampage AKA Nepo Brilliant displays his brilliance with an immaculate, controlled progression through some soulified records by the best of the best in artists, in our humble opinion. Prepare to go on a journey that is guaranteed to make you feel something you have never felt before. Playlist includes artists  of the mentioned below:


> Lisa Shaw
> Louie Vega
> Blaze
>Josh Milan
> Lydia Harrel
> Reel People
> Tamisha Waden
> Elements of Life
> Wipe The Needle
> Lifford
> Sara Devine
> Zepherin Saint
> Terry Hunter
> Jill Scott

Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music!

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