House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5

House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5

The House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5 compilation is now out ((check your nearest good music store)) **ASK FOR IT BY NAME & IF THEY DON’T HAVE IT, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO**



Name Artist Time Price

House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5 (Continuous DJ Mix 1) Tim White & EnoSoul 1:09:00 Album Only View In iTunes

House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5 (Continuous DJ Mix 2) Tim White & EnoSoul 1:11:24 Album Only View In iTunes

House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5 (Continuous DJ Mix 3) Tim White & EnoSoul 1:15:35 Album Only View In iTunes

House Afrika Sessions, Vol. 5 (Continuous DJ Mix 4) Tim White & EnoSoul 1:15:10 Album Only View In iTunes

Grow Me Brewed Souls 5:58 R9.99 View In iTunes

Everything Will Be Right (feat. Petmuso & Jay Sax) [Original] Dj Vitoto 6:46 R9.99 View In iTunes

I Want to Know (feat. Paul B) DJ Tears PLK 6:01 R9.99 View In iTunes

Love Land (feat. HorizonLeap) Mexican 8:10 Album Only View In iTunes

Caught My Eye (Kay-9ine’s 8th Street Mix) Nutownsoul & Nastee Nev 8:33 R9.99 View In iTunes

My Sunshine Mxdope 6:42 R9.99 View In iTunes

Fade Away Nutownsoul 8:02 R9.99 View In iTunes

Tears of the Ocean (feat. Rona Ray) Genvee 6:59 R9.99 View In iTunes

What Is Jazz Deep Xcape 7:23 R9.99 View In iTunes

Sweet Lover Thulane Da Producer 5:33 R9.99 View In iTunes

Soul Magic (Main Mix) Gumzito & 6Teen 6:50 R9.99 View In iTunes

Catch Me If You Can (feat. Ofentse) Stasoul 7:07 Album Only View In iTunes

African Dream (feat. Dvine Lopez) Gemini Boys 6:40 R9.99 View In iTunes

Leaving You (Ultimo Numero Remix) Stagz Jazz 6:51 R9.99 View In iTunes

I’m So Into You (feat. John Moabi) [The Octave Mix] Mr O 8:46 R9.99 View In iTunes

Stupid Love (feat. Denny Dugg) Tronix Deep 5:36 R9.99 View In iTunes

Time on Earth (Main Mix) ZwithyDeQuiver & Echo Deep 7:30 Album Only View In iTunes

Selfless (feat. Kquesol) DJ Octopuz & OPZ 6:25 R9.99 View In iTunes

Party the New Hood (feat. Stone & Bones) DJ Tears PLK 6:09 R9.99 View In iTunes

More Than Memories (King Wave’s Who Got Soul Dub Mix) King Wave 6:50 R9.99 View In iTunes

Gone Forever (Main Mix) De Montuh 7:56 R9.99 View In iTunes

Let Yourself Go Fera 7:12 R9.99 View In iTunes

Hanging On Ladi Adiosoul 5:59 R9.99 View In iTunes

Directions (feat. Samantha Faison) [Nativeroots Extended Mix] Essential-i 12:01 Album Only View In iTunes

My Version Arnold Tempo & Apple Jazz 8:38 R9.99 View In iTunes

House Music After Death (Zulu DeepSoul Mix) ZuluMafia 8:15 R9.99 View In iTunes

You Are (feat. August Child) Rascu 5:53 R9.99 View In iTunes

Rise Again (feat. Miss Concept & DK) [King Bayaa Dark Ride Remix] Mc-Fenda 7:10 R9.99 View In iTunes

Moving On (feat. Lu) [StaSoul Deeper Remix] Nutty Nys 7:24 R9.99 View In iTunes

Posthuman Fera 6:18 R9.99 View In iTunes

Walk On (6996 Version) Who De Warrior 7:30 Album Only View In iTunes

It’s Time to Move On Nature. L 7:35 Album Only View In iTunes

Drums of the North Tronix Deep & Rhm 6:08 R9.99 View In iTunes

My Love (feat. Lu) [Gintonic Soul Experience] Stasoul 8:16 R9.99 View In iTunes

Too Doo (feat. Zuziwe Mavuma) [Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix] B=Note 7:59 R9.99 View In iTunes

Trust (feat. Kabomo) [StaSoul 406 Remix] Miza 7:22 R9.99 View In iTunes

Unexpected (feat. Beesting) [Rancido’s Traveling Soul Mix] Luka 6:15 R9.99 View In iTunes

Puff the Jones (feat. Kaznova) The Layders 6:32 R9.99 View In iTunes

Colours of Joy (Main Mix) Echo Deep 8:34 Album Only View In iTunes

Wonder (ZMD Re – Rub) Mxdope & ZuluMafia 6:56 R9.99 View In iTunes

Z.O.E Tronix Deep 6:18 R9.99 View In iTunes

Salute (Instrumental Mix) King Wave & Soul Varti 7:34 R9.99 View In iTunes

Sunset Dance Deep Serenity 7:49 R9.99 View In iTunes

Thokozile sk95 & Rampage 7:28 R9.99 View In iTunes



Vinny Da Vinci - The House Afrika DEEP HOUSE SOUNDS Vol. 10 compilation

Vinny Da Vinci – The House Afrika DEEP HOUSE SOUNDS Vol. 10 Compilation

The House Afrika DEEP HOUSE SOUNDS 10 compilation **the last one of the series** is now out ((check your nearest good music store)) **ASK FOR IT BY NAME & IF THEY DON’T HAVE IT, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO**



01 Deep House Sounds, Vol. 10 (DJ Continuous Mix) – Vinny Da Vinci
02 Times Ahead – Darko Kustura
03 Memento – Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana
04 Mustafa (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) – Khidja
05 Met You (feat. Charmaine) – Chronicles
06 Lovetree (feat. Terrance Downs) [Jazuelles Cosmic Lab Remix] – Ananda Project
07 All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix) – Dario D’Attis & Lisa Shaw
08 Careful Careless (Sir LSG Hornstrumental) – Sir LSG
09 Days in This House (feat. D.D. Klein) [Rocco Vocal Mix] – Steve Paradise
10 Bits of Me (feat. Pete Josef) [Jimpster Remix] – Paskal & Urban Absolutes
11 Finally (feat. Renoka) [Louie Vega dj Tool Remix] – Terrence Parker
12 Trippin (feat. Gina) [Body n Deep Vox Mix] – Jovonn
13 Deeply Uncomfortable – Scott Grooves
14 It’s House Music (Feel It Mix) – Lady Alma

Source: iTunes


Ralf Gum - In My City

Ralf GUM – In My City

“’In My City’ is a very personal project for me. I intentionally put the skyline of Johannesburg on the cover as a tribute, South Africa is the most vibrant dance nation I know globally. I am grateful to be a part of its heartbeat and feel that I spiritually and musically now live in a place which I really call home. I am #InMyCity.” – Ralf GUM

Ralf GUM – In My City


1. With Her Hand feat. Hugh Masekela
2. Our Love Is A Star feat. Jocelyn Mathieu
3. A Brighter Dream feat. Kafele
4. Free (Is All I Wanna Be) feat. Portia Monique
5. The Pap feat. Monique Bingham
6. In The City feat. Hugh Masekela
7. Bi ‘na ba n’jo feat. Dele Sosimi
8. My Angel feat. KB 9. Love Core feat. Omar
10.The Best Thing feat. Lee Bling

Source: iTunes


Nastee Nev - 0808 Sweetsoul (Deluxe Edition)(2014)

Nastee Nev – 0808 Sweetsoul (Deluxe Edition)(2014)

Nastee Nev – 0808 Sweetsoul (Deluxe Edition)(2014) Artist: Nastee Nev
Title Of Album: 0808 Sweetsoul (Deluxe Edition)
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: SME Africa (Pty) Ltd / House Afrika
Genre: House, Deep House, Afro House, Soulful House
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Tracks: 26
Total Time: 05:01:50
Total Size: 762 MB

01. Nastee Nev – One With the Dance (0808 Sweetsoul Main Mix) [feat. Robert Owens] (06:41)
02. Nastee Nev – I’m So Hung Up On You (Latenight Mix) [feat. Donald Sheffey] (05:55)
03. Nastee Nev – Joy (Instrumental Mix) (06:01)
04. Nastee Nev – Something ‘Bout Jazz (0808 Deep Mix) (06:29)
05. Nastee Nev – Having You Around (feat. Kaylow) (06:57)
06. Nastee Nev – Together Forever (feat. Pholoso) (07:09)
07. Nastee Nev – Magnificent (06:53)
08. Nastee Nev – Our Time Has Come (Original Vox Mix) [feat. Keith Thompson] (05:22)
09. Nastee Nev – You R My (feat. Obakeng) (06:18)
10. Nastee Nev – Take Me (All Night) [feat. Donald Sheffey] (05:54)
11. Nastee Nev – Close to Midnight (Instrumental) (06:43)
12. Nastee Nev – Melodies of Love (0808 Sweetsoul Mix) (06:32)
13. Nastee Nev – Jazzin’ Around Blues (06:11)
14. Nastee Nev – Tebza’s Groove (07:03)
15. Nastee Nev – Let Go (feat. Donald Sheffey) [0808 Sweetsoul Mix] (06:11)
16. Nastee Nev – Better Days (06:11)
17. Nastee Nev – Move (feat. Dana Byrd) (06:45)
18. Nastee Nev – Unpredictable (Main Mix) [feat. Dana Byrd] (07:12)
19. Nastee Nev – Fly Away (feat. Merldy B) (08:10)
20. Nastee Nev – The Thanks I Get (feat. Cei Bei) (07:31)
21. Nastee Nev – Peace (06:43)
22. Nastee Nev – Thank You (0808 Deeper Flute Mix) (06:17)
23. Nastee Nev – Tribute to Ally (Main Mix) (06:22)
24. Nastee Nev – Dark Horse (Dub Mix) (06:31)
25. Nastee Nev – 0808 Sweetsoul (Deluxe Edition) [Continuous Mix 1] (69:59)
26. Nastee Nev – 0808 Sweetsoul (Deluxe Edition) [Continuous Mix 2] (73:37) Source: iTunes


Selektor Series Vol. 1 Funk Deepstar Malankane Miggs Foreal

Selektor Series Vol. 1
Funk Deepstar Malankane Miggs Foreal

Pretoria, one of South Africa’s capital cities; home to the Union Buildings, Palace of Justice and Old Council Chambers also produced three talented judicators of House Music. Malankane, Miggs Foreal and Funk Deepstar have several very important things in common. They all share the hometown of Pretoria, they’re established and passionate music producers and each have their own disc on the upcoming, debut Selektor Series album.

Malankane Passionate about music his whole life, Malankane has been collecting vinyls since the late 90s. Leaving a Tourism course to pursue his music career was a brave decision that lead him to work in a small record store in Sunnyside. Little did he know that this store would open the door to his fruitful music career. This record store quickly grew into what Soul Candi Records is today and Malankane grew with it. Since then he has shared the stage with well known South African and International DJs and has also released two albums. Malankane’s disc on the first edition of Selektor Series includes some hot tracks like the Atjazz remix of Osunlade’s “Human Beings” and Luke Dave’s Jovial remix of Meisha Moore’s “Kiss You All Over”. N’Dinga Gaba’s original mix of “Feeling Fine” featuring Janice B is also included in Malakane’s disc along with several other local and international artists.

Miggs Foreal Also entering the music scene in the late 90s, Miggs Foreal was introduced to House Music by his friends and legendary DJs, Bubbles and Nastee Nev. Priding himself in playing rare grooves that party-goers can’t resist dancing to, its no wonder he already has four successful albums in his name. Invested in the success of the industry, he also spearheads the industry conference “The Foreal Dance Music Conference” and has his own show on Tshwane TV called “LTD Foreal”. Despite his busy schedule, including gigging across South Africa, Miggs Foreal made time to include his own selections for the Selektor Series. Miggs has chosen to include several homegrown tracks from local artists as well as one of his own productions for his selection. Whisky’s “Lost It All” and the D-Malice remix of Kid Fonque’s hit track “Be” are both featured on this disc. One of his other selections comes from Soul Candi’s up and coming superstar, Cuebur, with an Andre Lodemann remix of “I See You”.

Funk Deepstar A deephouse DJ known for playing soulful music; Funk Deepstar is in love with the house genre and all its uniqueness. Influenced by the mixes of Glen Lewis on Metro FM in the 90s, Funk Deepstar started to perform at school functions and local clubs. After successfully completing Matric, he decided to pursue his passion for the music industry by moving to Johannesburg to study sound engineering. This decision lead to more exciting opportunities for the aspiring DJ. Since then he has released two albums and performed at some of the biggest events and best clubs in the country. Funk Deepstar’s selection on the Selektor’s Series includes “Angel in Love” from Beebar, a vocal remix of “Don’t Hold Back on Love” from Eric Erricksson & Reel People ft Debra Debs as well as one of his own production “Hey Love”. This incredible 3-Disc album with personal selections from some of Soul Candi’s top DJs and Producers promises to satisfy all House Heads. Malankane, Miggs Foreal and Funk Deepstar have each taken time to perfect the first edition of Selektor Series and Soul Candi is sure that this “Pretoria Edition” will make Tshwane and the rest of South Africa proud!


LUKA FT JAIDENE – Overstanding
CUEBUR AND RONA RAY – Keep Me(Jonny Miller Remix)
D-MALICE – Indian Time(Sobz Deeper Dub)
OSUNLADE – Human Beings(Atjazz Remix)
LUKA FT ALISON CROCKETT – Love Glow(Fomp 60 Remix)
LUKA FT BEESTING – Unexpected(Rancido’s Traveling Soul Mix)
GLENN GREGORY FT LIFFORD SHILLINGFORD – Don’t Hurt Nobody(Deep Dub Instrumental)
JANICE B AND N’DINGA GABA – Feeling Fine( N’dinga Gaba Original Mix)
MEISHA MOORE  – Kiss You All Over (Luke Dave’s Jovial Mix)
D-MALICE & DIAMONDANCER – Motherland(Da Capo’s Touch)
POZZI – New Heights
GENETIC RHYTHM FT MJ WHITE – Falling Down(The Sunchasers Mix)
TRINIDADIAN DEEP  – Tree Of Life(Marc Cotterell Remix)
DOLLS COMBERS FT KAFELE BANDELE – A Star Supreme (D C Supreme Vocal Mix)
FRENZYDREAMZ – I’m Used To Loving You(Original Mix)
ARTHUR M  – Afterhours (Christos Fourkis Remix)
ZAKI IBRAHIM, KID FONQUE & DJ WHISKY – Be(D-Malice Deep Dub Expression)
CUEBUR FT VIKTER DUPLAIX – I See You (Andre Lodemann Remix)
60 HERTZ PROJECT – Happy Days
3ELEMENTS FT O_SO_T & KILOBITES  – Right Here(Instrumental Mix)
CHARLES WEBSTER FT DIVINITI  – Learning To Love Me(Da Capo’s Surreal Experience)
ROQUE – Spirit Speak
ESSENTIAL I FT SAMANTHA FAISON – Directions (Essential-I’s Deeper Mix)
TEKNIQ – Memories Of You
TONIC HD – Free People
BLACKY – Dancing With The Piano(Blacky’s Deeper Mix)
COOL JIVE & MAPZ  – Que Le Jazz

Source: Soul Candi Records


ATJAZZ & JULLiAN GOMES - The Gift The Curse

ATJAZZ & JULLiAN GOMES – The Gift The Curse

Hailing from the beautiful motherland “South African” and the surroundings of the seductive British countryside “Derbyshire” Creative MasterMind Atjazz and South Africa’s Hottest Young Producer Jullian Gomes join forces to bring you a project worth the wait. THIS project speaks for itself & here at TMPR London we strongly believe in letting the music do the talking. Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson & Jullian Gomes first met at House 22 in Pretoria, February 2011. Since then, they have secured a strong working relationship and have crafted a comfortable space in which they work perfectly together giving them their own individual creative sketchpads. The Gift The Curse is an expressive album made from the heart and features some incredible writers/vocalists including Robert Owens, Bucie, Zano, Clive Astin, Wunmi & John Agesilas, who bring their own personal experiences and stories to the table. The Gift The Curse is vibrant in it’s sonic build, high quality prevails, seductive harmonics warm the body & the beats will make the floors shake worldwide. This is a very fresh dance album with a awesome soul.


1. Poor Man
2. Philosophy (feat. Osunlade)
3. Overshadowed (Album Version)
4. Turn Back To You (feat. Robert Owens)
5. AWI
6. Here To Stay (feat. Zano)
7. White Rose
8. Agbara (feat. Wunmi)
9. Breathe The Light (feat. Clive Astin)
10. Grow (feat. John Agesilas) Source: residentadvisor




Following their signing of highly-rated Pretoria producer Nastee Nev (aka Neville Moeletsi), House Afrika are proud to present his superb debut album for the label, ‘0808 Sweetsoul’, a release that’s sure to set a new high watermark for the fast-flowing outpouring of soulful South African house. Nastee Nev’s credentials are impeccable: he’s already worked with the likes of Kafele Bandele, Afrotraction and Andy Compton, and remixed DJ Christos’ remake of Brenda Fassie’s “Weekend Special”. He featured on Kanunu’s excellent ‘Soul Meditation’ compilation and recorded for 2lani the Warrior’s Do It Now label (alongside the likes of Charles Webster, Collective Spirit and Deep Xcape). He also made a huge splash with the hit track “Hung Up on You” with Donald Sheffey, a staple for months on stations like Yfm and Metro. Source: TAKEALOT.COM




Ganyani Tshabalala has been in the music industry for over 20 years. With his great passion for music, at the age of 15 he started teaching himself several DJ techniques to manipulate the prerecorded music. These include cueing, equalization, phrasing, beat juggling etc. to perform the transitions and overdubs of a number of sources in a more creative way. Today he is a professional DJ who masters the technique of using harmonic mixing for choosing compatible songs. This has made him and other local DJs to be the pioneers or the grandmaster of this entertainment technique in the country.


1. Waiting (feat. LeAnne Kistan)
2. What a Feeling (feat. Khumbuzile)
3. Be There (feat. Mlu) [with Big Nuz]
4. Something Like (feat. Cristyle Peter)
5. Xigubu (feat. FB)
6. Master Ganyani (feat. Jerah)
7. Satisfied (feat. Terry-Leigh)
8. Remember (Remix) [feat. Khumbuzile]
9. Raindrops (feat. LeAnne Kistan)
10. Feel It (feat. Si Anne)
11. Never Say Never (feat. Paulo Alves)
12. Human (feat. Tibi)
13. Rise (feat. Bo)
14. Emali (feat. Xolani)

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Soul Meditation
Soul Meditation

Kanunu presents Soul Meditation

DJ Kanunu is a true South African house pioneer with a proven track record, and his latest session for House Afrika proves he’s still an innovative and vital funk force. A collection of contemporary and soulful SA sounds, ‘Soul Meditation’ also shows how versatile the Tshwane spinner is: it’s Kanunu’s first mix for the country’s most established compilation label since he blended up the banging ‘We Love ‘Buzzin’ Fly’; before that he broke ground with the ‘Wicked Sounds Mid-Tempo’ CD, which showcased the slo-mo grooves then engulfing the local dance community. Local is the focus again on this disc, and it’s timely: the entire house world is looking to South Africa for fresh sounds and bright talents, and this collection contains plenty. The producers in Kanunu’s spotlight include the most blazing beat-makers at work at the moment, including Chymamusique, who’s garnering props aplenty for his ‘House Afrika Sessions’ mix; Trancemicsoul, who brought out a brilliant remix of the UK’s Andy Compton in 2011 (here remixing another international track, from Clemens Rumpf and David A Tobin); and Mindlo & Essential-I – with the latter’s recent remix of DJ Christos’ “Weekend Special” remake of “Weekend Special” certainly hitting the spot. Scene stalwart Christos himself is represented on two tracks, alongside vocalist Ree Morris, with whom he collaborated on the massively successful “Inside of Me” (which landed up on Ralf GUM’s GOGO label). The duo contributes two cuts: an ace remixes of Rocco and Akram and soaring new cut, “Fly With Me”. Also an established player, Nastee Nev rounds out the mix with the aptly-titled “Joy”. In addition to the better-known names, ‘Soul Meditation’ also includes lesser-known but highly promising prospects like Pontsho, AB Walk, and Nativeroots with Zano – another example of Kanunu shining a light on great new groundbreaking rhythms.


1. AB WALK – Better Than Wine
2. Chymamusique feat. Kaylow – We Are To Be (Main Mix)
3. Clemens Rumpf feat. David A Tobin – Never Coming Down (Trancemicsoul Remix)
4. Mindlo & Essential-I feat. DJ Pap & Pontsho – Soul Meditation (Deeper Mix)
5. Nativeroots feat. Zano – Taking Over The World
6. Mindlo feat. Lastee – Insecurities
7. Pontsho – Lerato La Gao (Soulful Mix)
8. Essential-I & Pontsho – Pictures
9. Rocco feat. Akram – Working Hard (Ree Morris & DJ Christos Magic Session Remix)
10. Ree Morris – Fly With Me (DJ Christos Magic Session Mix)
11. Nastee Nev – Joy Musically this is on higher ground to anything else around – jazzy, melodic and with song-like structures, it demonstrates that Kanunu is still on top of his game – and streets ahead of the pack.

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Grooveland Sessions 2 mixed by Brazilian Soul Crew

Grooveland Sessions 2 mixed by Brazilian Soul Crew

What Do The Brazilian Soul Crew and Africa Have in Common?

At first glance, there aren’t many similarities between Edground and Claudio. These Fabulous 2 record together. And no one has ever suggested that you could play Grooveland Sessions 2 album backwards and hear a subliminal message like “House Music is Life”. However, for a few brief minutes, the Lads from Brazil, São Paulo “come together” on Grooveland Sessions 2 CD, compiling 14 amazingly soft, deep and Soulful house music. On their highly acclaimed 14-song independent disc, Grooveland Sessions 2 (just released by Muffin Music), the Deejays/Producers feature contemporary interpretations of a half-dozen of Future classic songs. “Don’t think for a minute that these are cheesy, Music-like cover tunes,” says theBrazilian Soul Crew (BSC), who tastefully breathe new life into Grooveland Sessions 2 with peerless singles like “Rising Sun” by Stephen Rigmaiden, “Going Nowhere” by Matthew Bandy and four other hits penned by independent music collectors. BSC’s skillful handling of these nostalgic melodies earned the respect of industry Critics. Also on board for what comes around is acclaimed producer/Disc Jockey Guy Robin (who has performed/Produced/Remixed for Many great Musicians), Multi-Talented Brazilian Soul Crew (best known for their samba grooves) adds harmonica playing talents, while a solid ensemble of Brazil’s finest players supplies the remaining ingredients. Their treatment of these ‘House’ gems has apparently struck a chord with the Boomer crowd. The disc also features SoulBasics “Jazzelle” an appearance from Dj Spinna with a remix of “You & Me by Brazilian Soul Crew that features the amazing voice of JeSante based in the US. Grooveland Sessions 2 stands out from many house compilations on the market right now, it sure gives a new meaning to “Quality”. The new disc will be much lighter on the ear, boasting an array of great talent, spotlighting more of their own inimitable compositions.


1. SoulBasics Jazzelle (Anto Vitale Remix)
2. BSC Less Than (Original Mix)
3. Steven Stone Alucinada De Prazer (Movement Soul Vox Mix)
4. Tarek Desabafo (Guy Robin Main Mix)
5. Brazilian Soul Crew Brazilian Soul (Unreleased Mix)
6. BSC Eu Soul (Abicah Soul Remix)
7. Johnny Jm The Way I Like (Deep Mix)
8. Jay Tripwire Dema (Original Mix)
9. CitySounds! Walking
10. Paris Cesvette Come Back (South Of Roosevelt Remix)
11. Matthew Bandy Going Nowhere (Hernan Cronner Soulcom Remix)
12. Deep´n SoulBR Sweet Ebony (Deep City Soul Vox Mix)
13. Stephen Rigmaiden Rising Sun (Main Mix)
14. BSC You & Me (DJ Spinna Main Mix) Brazilian Soul Crew just finished the house compilation, entitled Grooveland Sessions 2 which is anticipated to be released by the end of September 2012.

Its available in South Africa Nationwide in stores like: Musica, Look & Listen. 

Get your copy! 

C & P 2012 Muffin Music Group

Postado por Brazilian Soul Crew


Deep House Sounds 9

Always the year’s definitive round-up of all that’s deep and soulful in dance music and now in its ninth incarnation. Deep House Sounds’ is back. And, as always, quality is the order of the day. The mix is collated and executed with precision by one of the most esteemed DJs on the SA scene, Vinny Da Vinci, who has once again found and blended up the finest house tracks doing the rounds right now. And he’s found plenty from names that will be familiar to local crowds because of their recent pilgrimages to these shores. They include British beatsmith Atjazz (who’s featured twice), his compatriot Charles Webster and newer gun QB Smith. Also making an appearance are Spiritchaser, who turn in a remix of Jask featuring Josie – a cut that may just have the same appeal as their massive “These Tears”, THE tune of 2011 and originally featured on the last volume in this essential line. Look out for their artist album on House Afrika later this year! Joining the contingent of international visitors are Detroit’s Alton Miller, who gets the remix treatment from German rhythm ace Andre Lodemann. The 12-song track list also has contributions from Chicago legend Glenn Underground, seminal house singer Stephanie Cooke, a coming together of garage legends Karizma and DJ Spinna, Joshua Iz, France’s Art Of Tones and a huge anthem from Gregory Porter remixed by Opolopo. Vinny’s selection skills are matched by his mix, which is as tight as ever, but which also strings these disparate but smooth sounds into a dance floor story. And it’s undoubtedly one of the best stories house-heads will hear all year. The journey continues…


1. Atjazz feat. Clara Hill – Sense of Life (QB’s Hot Mix)
2. Glenn Underground feat. Cosuela Ivy – I am Not In Love (I Just Wanna Dance)
3. DJ Fudge & Ezel feat. Mani Hoffman – Call My Name (Original Mix)
4. Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)
5. Incognito feat. Tony Momrelle – Freedom To Love (Atjazz Remix)
6. Stephanie Cooke – If I Have To Change (URH Dub)
7. Alton Miller & Stephane Vera feat. Angelique – Stars In Your Eyes (Andre Lodemann Vocal Mix)
8. Karizma – The Power (DJ Spinna’s Piano Row Remix)
9. Art of Tones – For Real (A Rougher Take)
10. Yotam Avni feat. Guy Baron – Time 2 Go (Charles Webster Bear Friendly Mix)
11. Jask feat. Josie – Beautiful (Spirit Chaser Vocal Mix)
12. Joshua Iz – What U Like

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