About D-ay Tonic

D-ay Tonic

D-AY Tonic in short just called ‘Tonic’ born in a small village called Bapong outside Brits & grew up in a small town outside Rustenburg called Mooinooi. I grew up around jazz & soul music which is why falling for deep & soulful house was so easy. Sounds by the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, Christos, Iggy Smalls & Frank Roger put me on the right track.  In 2012 I had my 1st experience behind the decks thanks to M’Xeke (Thabo Shakes Mopai) & since then I live for deep & soulful house, I a have track for each day that’s monday till sunday.

I bring the day tonic into the night & in a few coming years I’d like to have an EP of my own production out to actually let people know how I feel.


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